Top 5 Best All-Purpose Rifle Scope Reviews

With hundreds of choices on the market, finding the top rifle scope for the money can be a challenge. We’ve taken a look at dozens of different models and picked our favorites rifle optics for under $100, $300 and $500. Since the best 1-4x scope is a popular category, we have also listed our top 3 recommendations as well.

Best Rifle Scope Under $100

ImageNameVideo ReviewMagnificationLengthRating
Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn4-12X4012"4.5
UTG Compact Bug Buster3-9X328"4.5
Bushnell Banner Multi-X3-9X4012"4.5

Best Rifle Scope Under $300

ImageNameVideo ReviewMagnificationLengthRating
Leupold VX-23-9X4014"5.0
Nikon Prostaff 53.5-14X4015.8"5.0
Millett Tactical4-16X5020"4.5

Best Rifle Scope Under $500

ImageNameVideo ReviewMagnificationLengthRating
Nikon Monarch 34-16X5020"4.5
Burris 200433-FF1-4X2414"4.5
Vortex Viper6.5-20X5014.4"5.0

Best 1-4X Scopes

ImageNameVideo ReviewMagnificationLengthRating
Burris MTAC1-4X2411.3"4.5
Mueller Speed Shot1-4X2410.2"4.5
Bushnell BTR-11-4X249.4"4.5

Is the rifle or the scope more important?

The honest answer is neither. For optimum shooting performance, you’re going to want a good rifle and a good rifle scope. If one or the other is bad, then your overall performance will not be good. A good rule of thumb is to spend at least as much money on your optics as you do on your firearm.

How will the rifle scope be used?

It’s important to determine two things before purchasing your rifle optics. What is the size of your target and at what distance will you be shooting? The answer to these two questions will help you determine the magnification you’ll want as well if you’ll need a variable power or fixed power model.

When will you be using your rile scope?

If you typically use your firearm in low light situations, you’ll want to focus on rifle optics with a larger objective lens and illuminated reticles. The larger objective lens lets more light into the sight which provides a brighter and clearer image. Illuminated reticles allow the crosshairs to lit up instead of being a solid black color. This option is highly recommended if you’ll be using your scope in early morning or late night situation.

What firearm will you be using?

The rifle you use plays a huge impact when it comes to eye relief. The larger the caliber of gun, the greater the distance you’ll need to be from the scope so you don’t get hit when the firearm recoils.

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