Top 5 Best Red Dot Sight Reviews

A red dot sight is the perfect solution for someone looking to acquire a target quickly in a close range situation. They are not a precision shooting tool. They are used when “close enough” will get the job done.

These devices allow you to keep both of your eyes open which retains your peripheral vision. They are also the preferred choice when you’re attempting to hit a moving target.

For home defense weapons, we highly recommend the use of these products.  In a stressful, tense situation it’s extremely hard and impractical to use traditional optics to line up your shot.  Instead, the user is able to shine the dot on the target and fire regardless of the weapon position.

Top 5 Red Dot Sights

ImageNameVideo ReviewColorPriceRating
Burris Fastfire IIIRed$$$$$4.0
Sightmark Ultra Dual Shot ProRed$$$$4.5
Bushnell First Strike 5Red$$$4.0
Bushnell TRS-25Red and Green$$4.0
Vector Optics RatchetRed and Green$4.0

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