Best Long Range Rifle Scopes

If you have a .30-06 or a .50 caliber rifle, then you need a sight that can handle their range.  How far a .50 cal can shoot is a matter of debate, but almost everyone agrees it’s over 2,000 yards.  At that distance, you need a rifle scope that has a magnification of at least 20X.

At this distance, you also need a large objective lens.  The objective lens is the part of the optic that lets the light in, so the larger the lens, the more light that enters the optic.  This allows for a clearer, crisper image and a larger viewing area.

When you fire larger caliber rifles, you need to make sure the product you use is able to within the abuse of the recoil.  I’ve seen dozens of guys take the scope off a smaller rifle so they can test out their new .50 cal and in the process completely destroy it.  These weapons kick hard and a lot of that energy will pass through your sight mounts and components.

The Top 5 Long Range Rifle Scopes

ImageNameVideo ReviewMagnificationLengthRating
Bushnell Elite Tactical6-24X5013.5"5.0
Sightron SIII6-24X5014.96"5.0
Nikon Monarch6-24X5015.5"4.0
Ade Advanced Optics6-25X5615.5"5.0
FSI Sniper6-24X5026.2"4.5

We featured a wide variety of prices in our comparison because most of the time budget plays a large role.  We really like the Bushnell Elite Tactical.  We were able to get a tight 5 shot grouping at 750 yards and hit the target with all 5 shots at 1,500 yards.

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